I use the Audio-Technica AT 3000 Transmitter and receiver and the Pro 35 clip on wireless mic for my saxophone.  I love the sound quality and durability that the AT 3000 gives me.  I use it at every show!

Contact info:  sales@atus.com

I love my Theo Wanne mouthpieces!  I have the Durga for my Alto sax, the Shiva for my tenor and the Gaia for soprano.  The tone and power is outstanding!  Altissimo is a breeze to reach!  On ballads, such a sweet sound!  I highly recommend Theo Wanne! 
Contact info:  info@theowanne.com

The problem many saxophone players have is a sore neck after a 3 to 4 hour gig.  Most neck straps go around the neck or if you have the harness type, you are so harnessed in  you cant have movement to really solo and perform.  The Whimory Back Shoulder Strap allows me to have movement while still keep the weight of the horn off the back of my neck!  I totally endorse this product! 

Contact info: thesaxguyvic@yahoo.com

I prefer Fiberreed Carbon reeds.  I love the fact that they last longer than traditional bamboo and altissimo is easier to reach!  Also for the hot dry heat of summer in California they are always ready to play!

I have been using Rovner ligatures since as far as I can remember.  What I love about them is they never seem to wear out!  My reed never moves and I love the fact I can adjust them.  I use them on all of my horns!!

Contact info:  info@rovnerproducts,com

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A very special thanks to Sheryl Moore Laukat and Tevis Lauckat of Cannonball  Musical Instruments.  I endorse these wonderful saxophones, including Soprano, Alto and Tenor Gerald Albright's models which I personally play.

Contact info: info@cannonballmusic.com

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I have been using On Stage Stands since I was in Jr. High school.  I love these stands!  The are rugged, durable and easy to fit in my gig bag.  I have the alto, tenor and soprano stands.

Contact info:  support@musicpeopleinc.com