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Posted by Victor Robles on Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Victor Robles getting it on at Darryl Williams Page II Jam at Pub and Grub. You go on and blow that big beautiful Cannonball Victor Robles go head!

Posted by Johnetta Brooks on Thursday, August 13, 2015

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For the love of you! At the Darryl Williams jam at Humphrey's last Wednesday

Posted by Victor Robles on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I played Besame Mucho for Carol last night. It's one of her favorite songs. Thanks for letting me sit in Big G!

Posted by Victor Robles on Friday, March 6, 2015

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A very short clip of Killer Joe from last weeks gig at the Brookdale Summer Concert.

Posted by Victor Robles on Monday, August 17, 2015

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July 5 2015 Vic's new Gerald Albright Cannonball soprano sax came in  from Cannonball, very excited to play it

July 10th 2015 Vic married his sweetheart Carol Payton in St Lucia and preformed My Carol for the very first time for her. 

Vic's new hit Ask For It is now available for download on ITunes!

Vic's new single My Carol is now available for download on ITunes!

February 12 2016  Vic Robles began working on his next single Passion with Smooth Jazz guitarist Steve Oliver.

Vic will be preforming with his band Saturday October 15th at Bamboo House in Temecula CA from 7 to 10pm

10-14-2016 The Theo Wanne's are here!  Very excited to be playing the Shiva and Gaia 2 for this weekends gigs!\

11-15-2016 With Christmas only a few months away, I have started my Christmas Jazz music and setting up Christmas gigs!

Nonnos / Murrieta

Mama Colletties / Murrieta

Rustico / Murrieta

Francesca's / Temecula

Wiens Winery / Temecula

Robert Renzoni Winery / Temecula

Soros / Temecula

Pub and Grub / Temecula

3rd Street Winery / Temecula

Baily's / Temecula

Utopia Pizza / Temecula

Simply Sharon's / Temecula

Tesoro Winery

Hawk Watch Winery / Anza

Steamers Jazz Club / Fullerton

Spaghettini / Seal Beach

Spaghettini /The Dave Koz Lounge /

Beverly Hills

Humphreys Backstage Live / San Diego

Rivera Resort / Palm Springs

Hyatt Regency Resort / Indian Wells

Vitello's / Studio City

Woody's Burgers / Palm Springs

City Of Downey Christmas

Chapparal / Wonewoc WI

and many more!

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There are many musicians that have inspired Saxophonist Vic Robles.  Of course there are the legends like David Sanborn, Grover Washington Jr., Dextor Gordon, Stan Getz and Stanley Turrentine.  But also todays artist and friends such as Will Donato, Elan Trotman, Darryl Williams, Gary Stanionis, JJ Sansaverino, Euge Groove, Dave Koz, Rick Parma, Tony Exum Jr., Jon White, Ner de Leon, Danny Kusz, Curtis Brooks, Chase Huna and many more.

Vic Robles has released his first Christmas CD this year and is working on his debut CD and has two song already done.  His third song Passion is a collaboration with guitarist and chart toping Smooth Jazz artist Steve Oliver.   Look for it this summer.

I want to personally thank a few people who have helped me in the past few years  in my music career. 

First of all my high school band director

Mr. Bob Ebbers.  He always had the band room open for me so I can practice, and he allowed me to use his jazz records to listen to and learn with. 

Will Donato.  Your continued help, guidance and friendship is so appreciated that I could never repay you back. 

Darryl Williams, you are one bad cat!  You are a busy man and gig with so many big names, and yet you still find time to help myself and other musicians..

Gary Stanionis, man what can I say about you big G!  You are the reason I first got to get up on stage at Spags!  For me a dream come true!  I know I see god's shining light through you. 

Rick Parma is awesome!

My mom  and dad who helped get me started and have been there for me.

Charles Bertollini who's financial support has helped me get the new gear I needed.

My beautiful wife Carol, who has been to all of my gigs, help load and unload equipment.  She has had to here me play the same songs over and over again.  LOL what a trooper! 

My friend of 28 years Don Nalian who gave me that saxophone as a Christmas gift.  You are one of the reasons I got back into music again my friend, your kindness will never be forgotten.

Mikey and Jack Cohen of Smooth Jazz Live for your friendship and wonderful pictures.

Mario Panzarino of Jazz Up Photography

I have some awesome shots that you took on this website!

Sheryl Moore Laukat and Tevis Laukat of Cannonball  Musical Instruments for your friendship and awesome horns!  I'm looking forward to getting my Gerald Albright tenor in the next few months!

My friends Martina Mashatt, Somone Robertson, Jacqueline Bonapart and many more who have cheered me on and supported my music career though out the years, I love you all! 

Of course I have to thank the big man in the sky.  Through him all things are possible.